Arduino Portenta : Arduino goes pro CES2020

 The open-source hardware platform today launched the new low-code platform and modular hardware system for IoT development. The whole concept is here to support small and medium tech businesses the tools to develop IoT hardware products without having to invest in specialized technology resources.

The new hardware board named the Arduino Portenta H7, which features everything needs to get started with making an IoT hardware solution for small and medium businesses, including a wide range of features, crypto-authentication chip and communications modules for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy, and also comes LTE which is arrow band IoT.

Powered by 32-bit Arm microcontrollers, Portenta combined with Cortex-M7, these low-power modules are meant for designing the industrial applications as well as edge processing solutions and robotics applications. It shall support a wide range of coding platform like Arm’s Mbed OS, support Arduino code, Python and JavaScript applications.

Built on Arm Pelion technology, the latest generation of Arduino solutions brings users the simplicity of integration and a scalable, secure, professionally supported service. 

Official comment from :

“By combining the power and flexibility of our production ready IoT hardware with our secure, scalable and easy to integrate cloud services, we are putting in the hands of our customers something really disruptive,” commented Arduino CEO Fabio Violante. “Among the millions of Arduino customers, we’ve even seen numerous businesses transform from traditional ‘one off’ selling to subscription-based service models, creating new IoT-based revenue streams with Arduino as the enabler. The availability of a huge community of developers with Arduino skills is also an important plus and gives them the confidence to invest in our technology”. 

The new H7 portenta module is now available for beta testers, with general availability dated for February 2020.

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